Phaphama SEDI Final Event – 2018

Dear passionate, innovative and dedicated leaders of South Africa.

The 2018 Phaphama SEDI extends out the invitation to all those interested in learning more about Phaphama to join us for our final event. Phaphama’s consultants and entrepreneurs will be doing a feedback presentation on the 12th October at the School of Economics. Applications are now open to for those who would like to be a part of the new and improved Executive for 2019. Please see director descriptions below for available positions.

Professional Communications Director:
Initiate and build on relationships with external people and organizations to cooperate on goals of enterprise development, BBBEE and consultant skills building. This consists specifically of emailing, calling and meeting people to organize co-hosted events.

The Treasury:
This portfolio maintains the financial stability of Phaphama by:
– Budgeting for each term
– Authorize payments in terms of the budget
– Payments to vendors
– Drawing up the financial statements
– Filling the source documents for incomes and expenses

Entrepreneur Coordinator:
The role of the EP coordinator includes but is not limited to:
-recruiting entrepreneurs for the program
-monitoring entrepreneur progress within the course
-notifying EPs about events and connecting them with relevant stakeholder

Monitoring & Evaluations Director:
This portfolio seeks to document and report on all achievements, failures, goals and structures put in place by Phaphama in each year. These reports then become the lens through which all Phaphama stakeholders are able to view the day to day runnings of the organisation.

Curriculum coordinator: 
Using the 2018 curriculum as a baseline, research, plan and organize the 2019 curriculum, which will include various business training workshops and corresponding team sessions.: The point of contact between the consultant group and the Phaphama Executive. Responsible for consultant administration, communicating feedback on behalf of the consultants and connecting consultants with help when they feel out of their depth

Marketing Director:
Phaphama SEDI is an NPO who is committed to promoting leadership, entrepreneurship and small enterprise development in communities in and around Cape Town. It is imperative that Phaphama’s marketing illustrates this through the use of different marketing tools. This will allow Phaphama to grow and expand as an organisation.

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